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We are not-for-profit

The Union Shop is part of King's College London Students' Union (KCLSU). As a not-for-profit charitable organisation, we exist to help raise funds to support students.

Your support helps improve & expand offerings to meet student requirements.

Advice & Wellbeing

One of our key services includes the free, independent and confidential KCLSU Advice service. Our team help students through academic difficulties.

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Supporting communities

Every year, KCLSU supports key Liberation History Months:

  • Black History Month in October
  • Trans Awareness Festival in November
  • Disability History Month from November to December
  • LGBTQ+ History Month in February
  • Women's History Month in March

Empowering volunteers

KCLSU supports community leader training to equip students with leadership skills.

Our profits get reinvested to ensure students graduate with important skills to help their employment.

Student-friendly jobs

Many students need to work alongside their studies. At KCLSU we offer a range of career opportunities that are flexible around their academic calendar.

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